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  • 1.To hire any tour, should contact ZIGZAGMOUNTAINS (hereinafter ZZM), indicating first the dates concerned, in order to verify that it is possible to comply with the request. To communicate with us, we put at your disposal different means that you will find in our section "Contact" and the end of this page.

    2. ZZM is operational all year round, but the weather conditions may force changes in destination, and in the worst cases the suspension of the activity.

    2.1 When for reasons of force majeure (climatology or other) could not be accomplished a tour scheduled, will be offered an alternative tour to another mountain area, also of high scenic interest, sports and environmental.

    2.2 In the event of not being accepted the alternative tour, the amounts advanced will be lost partially, according to the quantities not returned by the establishments and services reserved, and after canceled. (Accommodation, transport, etc. ).

    2.3 If there is no cancellation fee for any of the services added, ZZM will retain 10% of the amounts received, for administrative costs, returning the rest to the customers.

    3. ZZM cannot assume any other liability if the scheduled tour could not be carried out by causes beyond its control.

    4. Customers-hikers should be very careful of indications that are detailed in the "Important Information ► Recommendations", all of them relating to the equipment and safety of the trekkers (clothing, footwear, equipment, etc. ).

    5. The failure of the previous paragraph can be a cause for rejection of a hiker, limitation of the tour, reduction in the time of the activity, or other alterations of the planned program for lack of safety equipment, no option to claim by the customer.

    6. ZZM has contracted a accident insurance for their customers to the case where necessary, but customers must also carry their corresponding health cards (public, private or both).


    At the time of booking of the activity shall pay 50% of the total amount. This first payment will be made for up to 30 days before the start date of the activity, considering the square not reserved until this deposit is paid. The remaining 50% as it should be delivered up to 15 days before the departure date, considering the plaza canceled if you do not make the payment, and in this course will apply the Cancellation Conditions. If the booking is made within 30 days prior to your departure date, must be paid 100 %.


    At all times you can override the contracted services, being entitled to the refund of money paid, but depending on the proximity of the day of departure, apply the following penalties:

    8.1 Penalties on contracted services

    a) Cancellation before 30 days of the activity: 15% of total services.

    b) cancellation between 30 and 15 days before: 20% of total services.

    c) cancellation between 15 days and 72 h.: 40% of total services.

    d) override in the 72 h before the start, 50% of the total amount of services.

    e) No presentation at the scheduled time to start the activity: will not refund any money paid.

    8.2 Impact on the group

    a) If for one or more overrides the rest of the group would have to pay an amount greater than the already contracted, be penalized with the amount needed for the rest of participants to perform the activity while keeping the price already concluded.

    b) If between the cancellation, and the beginning of the activity, there is new registrations, this condition does not apply, but will apply the conditions in section "8.1 penalties".

    c) If between the date of the notification of cancellation and the day you plan to begin the activity are public holidays, will be considered as "no submission" with a penalty of 100 %.

    d) If you have hired the insurance of your activity to ZIGZAGMOUNTAINS, the amount of this only refundable (in the event of cancellation of the contracted services), if the insurance company will make its return.

    e) If it is impossible to be able to perform the services contracted and paid, may propose to another person that you substitute and deal with its square, thus avoiding penalties.

    f) If ZZM have to override the output for reasons beyond our control, you propose to use the money paid for other activities that are in program, or the return will be 95% of the money paid. In any case there will be no type of compensation.

    g) if during the days of the contracted services, for security reasons the guide in charge of the activity is forced to change, modify, or even cancel the activity and generate extra expenses in order to continue, vary or cancel the activity, these are not included in the price and will affect the customer.

    h) ZZM not no refunds will be for the services that you do not use voluntarily during the activity, regardless of the cause of the non-use.

    i) All cancellations must be notified in writing to the email

    Info@zigzagmountains.com or phone +(34) 646 79 30 69

    You can request a cancellation insurance.

    More information on: "Important Information ► Insurance for hikers"

    9. The customer will be informed of a bank account where a payment is made, either by payment or transfer.

    Live and enjoy the mountain, but without a trace of your passage through it!